Houston Public Radio Underwriting

Houston Public Radio is proud to offer significant value to our sponsors. From arts and nonprofit organizations to small business and multi-national corporations, underwriting is a key element of our sponsors' brand building, influence of key audiences and constituents, demonstration of corporate social responsibility and generation of community goodwill...as well as enhancement of the bottom line. Here's what a few of our sponsors have to say about their underwriting:

  • Frank Adams portrait"In our 25-year history as a company, KUHF sponsorship has been one of the most rewarding investments we have made. As a leading engineering and construction consulting firm, our clients like to stay informed regarding local, domestic, and international news events, especially as it relates to our industry. We find that the KUHF audience is very much our target demographic, and clients and potential clients often mention our sponsorship in conversation."

    Frank Adams
    President/Principal Consultant
    Interface Consulting

  • Bob Gray portrait"As a large, global law firm with over 300 lawyers in Asia, 500 lawyers in Europe, 80 lawyers in Latin America, 800 lawyers across the U.S., KUHF is perfect for us. The leaders of the global businesses in Houston (our target clients) are listeners and supporters of KUHF; they appreciate our supporting their favorite local station and they tell us that all of the time. Many of our lawyers and staff are listeners, too; it builds morale when they hear us supporting the station. And I personally enjoy many of the programs, so I like supporting the station and hearing the firm's name while I listen to them."

    Bob Gray
    Mayer Brown LLP

  • Randall Morton portrait"We strive to present the great minds in our lecture series, we're all about public affairs and those who listen to KUHF are, too. KUHF has been part of our success story from the start in 2005."

    Randall Morton
    President and Founder
    The Progressive Forum

  • "KUHF's audience is highly educated, with more disposable income than other stations in the market. I am able to utilize KUHF for both my business-to-consumer clients as well as business-to-business clients in a cost effective manner that leads to results."

    Thomas Goggins
    Senior Account Executive
    Strike Marketing

  • "We believe that KUHF's audience is also The Awty International School's audience: Well educated, concerned, involved, informed people who care deeply about the world around them. We do very little advertising yet we often hear "We heard your name on NPR!"

    Carol Nash
    Advancement Coordinator
    The Awty International School