About Houston Public Radio

Mission Statement

Houston Public Radio provides the news, shared knowledge and cultural perspectives that connect and reflect our vibrant and diverse communities.

Vision Statement

Greater Houston's citizens will be well informed, engaged and more deeply connected to their neighbors, business and cultural communities, as well as to the world. Houston Public Radio will be a voice for the community at home and abroad.

Values Statement

Houston Public Radio values civil discourse, honesty and the trust expressed in us by the community. We exist to serve the common good, to encourage life-long learning and civic participation, and to do our part in creating a better quality of life in Greater Houston.


About Houston Public Radio

  • Houston Public Radio's two stations — KUHF 88.7 and KUHA 91.7 — are licensed to the University of Houston System, which operates them in the public interest as an outreach to the greater Houston community.
  • Both stations are fully self-funded through gifts from individuals, businesses, corporations, other non-profits and foundations. Neither station receives funding from the University of Houston or the State of Texas.
  • KUHF and KUHA are fully professional radio stations, certified by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).
  • Both stations are members of National Public Radio, and both are affiliated with American Public Media (APM) and Public Radio International (PRI).


KUHF and KUHA are licensed to the University of Houston System governed by the UH Board of Regents. Information concerning the governing board's policy concerning open meetings along with specific dates, times and locations of those meetings may be found at www.uhsa.uh.edu/board-of-regents/mtg-calendar/ or by calling (832) 842-3444.


  • KUHF News is broadcast on 88.7 FM (main channel) and 88.7 HD Channel 1.
  • KUHA Classical is broadcast on 91.7 FM (main channel) and 88.7 HD Channel 2.
  • Both stations are streamed world-wide on Internet radio stations KUHF News and KUHA Classical
  • Program streams are also offered for iPhone/iPad applications.


  • Studios and offices are located on the 3rd floor of the Melcher Center for Public Broadcasting, 4343 Elgin at I-45, at the University of Houston.


  • $8.76 million in FY 2010
  • 93% of that total comes from gifts from the community
    • of that 93%, 45% ($3.97 million) comes from business and corporate program underwriting and 48% ($4.19 million) from individual member contributions.
  • Federal assistance through the CPB Community Service Grant is 5% of budget, or $460,000.
  • No financial support is received from the University of Houston or from the State of Texas.


  • The Association for Community Broadcasting (ACB) is a separate 501.c.3 organization whose purpose is to raise money for both Houston Public Radio and Houston PBS.
  • Houston Public Radio Radio and HoustonPBS (KUHT Channel 8) are separate organizations, with separate staffs and budgets. A gift to one is not shared with the other.
  • Contributions and pledges Houston Public Radio may be designated to KUHF News, KUHA Classical or Both.